Protection of Children from Sexual Offence (POCSO) Act 2012

All children have an equal right to access education in an environment that is safe, protective and conducive to the overall development. The challenges of gender inequality, eve teasing and sexual abuse in school environment call for increased awareness and creating synergy among parents, teachers and schools.

In order to ensure strict compliance of the Protection of child from sexual offence (POCSO) Act 2012, CBSE has taken several initiatives and actions for creating awareness about sexual exploitation among the school children.

The committee will take appropriate and necessary action on reported cases of misbehaviours of sexual offences in the school premises.

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Committee(POCSO) re-constituted as under for the session 2022-23:

1Mrs. MaheswariPresiding
2Ms. Pavithra NTeacherMember
3Ms. Monika Devi MTeacherMember
4Mrs. PradeepaTeacherMember
5Ms. NandhiniTeacherMember
6Ms. Raja Devi VTeacherMember