Special features of Raja Public School

  • Personal care on handwriting with self designed books.
  • Including moral values and importance of human relations in
    students through life skills books.
  • Providing activity based magazine, Art & Craft books to develop
    drawing skills.
  • Innovative teaching methods and techniques through e-classes
    with spacious amphi theatre.
  • Usage of wide range of books in library period from will stocked
  • Including indoor and outdoor games, a special physical education
    perios to improve physical development.
  • Taking individual care on every student. Concentrating on obsentees.
    House division of sections to inculcate leadership qualities,
    competitive spirit, self confidence and team work.
  • Teaching healthy eating habits at snack break and lunch break.
    Concentrating on every student hand writing through experts
  • Do-curricular activities like karate, drawing, music, classical dance
    and western dance were included.
  • Conducting special activities like spot drawing, skills, neat hand-
    writing, short story writing, Quiz, Seminar, Spell bee, Sloka Recitation,
    Logical puzzles solving and many more with a variety of prizes.
  • Celebrating national and religious festivals and fun-filled activities
    every month.
  • Giving awards and rewards with exciting prizes and certificates
    throughout the year.
  • Arranging educational and entertainment trips twice a year (once
    in every sem)
  • A special service day with social awareness programs (Medical
    camp, planting saplings, controlling pollution, prevention of cancer
    etc) and rallies to inculcate responsibility towards society.
  • Arranging parent-teacher meet 6 times in a year (thrice in every sem)
    Continuous communication with the parent through SMS alerts,
  • school diary, tele calls, e-mails and PTM’s.
  • Good and dafe transport facilities.

Special Features of Kindergarten

  • Specially designed kindergarten syllabus.
  • Specially designed text books, practice books and activity books.
  • Play Way method teaching by using Montessori material every
  • Neat handwriting is habituated by teaching strokes from nursery.
    Usage of wooden carving boards and wooden pencils to teach
    English alphabet and numbers for Nursery and LKG students.